Good things come to those who…

…wait for things to go on sale at Target.


I have been ohhing and ahhing over this basket from Target for way too long.


I finally had it in my cart this Saturday for a whopping total of $29.99. Sadly, Dave Ramsey, aka Matt Svoboda, was with me and he told me to go put it back(cry face). Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I went online on Monday and it was on SALE for $25.49. That doesn’t seem like a huge sale but IT WAS THE ONLY ONE LEFT, so I asked Matt…again…and he said YES!!! I just went and picked this baby up and it’s so pretty!

Now, to tell you what I’m doing with it.

It’s actually going to be the light fixture that hangs above our garden tub. Fixtures this size go for so. much. money. and I don’t have that much money to spend! (examples here, here,  and here.) Can you picture it?…


I hope it turns out how it’s pictured in my brain. All I’ll need is this conversion kit to turn my current recessed light into a pendant light.

I have some other plans for the bathroom for a quick update. Here is a picture of what it looks like now…So blah and TAN! ((But still semi-complete with that random window pane hanging above the tub)) Rolls eyes.


My plans include:

Painting the walls- Toasted Marshmallow by Behr to brighten it up


Hanging shelves above the toilet- like these.


Hanging new light fixture above the tub- hopefully it resembles these...

Finding some hooks to hang towels on and taking down the towel rack-

And last but not least, adding minimal decor–that I already have on hand. 🙂


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