How to buy pillows for CHEAP!!!

My name is Meredith and I have a problem. A very serious problem. It’s called, I have too many pillows. I mean, they are EVERYWHERE.




…and this is just one room in our house.

The problem with this problem is that pillows are pretty expensive. Even at a place like Target, you are looking at spending $20-30 for a cute pillow. Who can afford that?…Not this girl.

Thankfully, I have discovered some ways to save on my pillow problem. One of my most recent discoveries is Amazon. I couldn’t believe it when I actually looked on there and found pillow covers for SO CHEAP!((If you knew about how cheap Amazon pillows are, and you didn’t tell me, then we are not friends.)) I recently purchased 5 pillow covers for $15.02. Yes, you read that right…$15.02! And, to make it all better, Target sells 2 packs of pillow inserts for around $13. And, I’m sure Walmart sells pillow inserts for even cheaper. Now I have the ability to change out my pillow covers without paying a fortune. Can I get an Amen?!

So, here are the adorable pillows that I just purchased…((I’m still anxiously waiting for the feather pillow))


There were only a couple of problems with purchasing them for so cheap on amazon.

Problem #1-I had to purchase them all separately in order to get free shipping. Also, shipping takes a few weeks.

Problem #2-Because of problem #1, purchasing them all separately caused my bank card to think I was involved in fraudulent activity, and it shut off(rolls eyes). It was worth it. 

Your couch will thank you. It will always look better with a pillow on in…

As you can see, these aren’t the only pillows in my life. I literally walk down the pillow aisle in every store I go into–every time I go into it.  Why? Because they are going to go on sale, and when they do, I will buy them.

I found the Oh Happy Day pillow at Target for $5. The cream and teal fringe pillows were on sale at Target for $7 each. The ampersand pillow was on sale at a local boutique for $10. The Home Sweet Home and teal and cream lattice pillow were both Home Goods steals. The adorable flower pillow was an Ikea purchase(and we all know that place has great prices). And last but not least, the teal leaf pillow is actually a placemat that I stitched to another placemat and turned into a pillow.

Trust me on this one…hold off on buying that $30 pillow!!!!! You WILL find something for cheaper and it will be worth it! I promise!!

Here are the links to the pillow covers that I purchased from amazon:

Feather Pillow– $2.52

Retro Black Solid Triangle– $3.68

Compass Case– $1.59

Vintage Camper- $5.49 (my fav)

Retro Small Triangle– $1.59

The flower pillow isn’t available at Ikea anymore, but here is a cute alternative.







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