What I Buy: Target Edition


If you haven’t noticed by now, Target is one of my most favorite places. Even if I just go there to walk around and don’t buy anything, I’m happy.

I’m always so curious about what other people buy when they go shopping, so today I’m going to break down my purchases from Target.

Who knows…maybe this will become a regular thing?! 😉

I actually went shopping looking for nothing specific and wound up finding some great purchases and deals! First up, I always stop at the dollar section. They have some of the cutest office supplies and spring garden items on sale right now! I’m a little obsessed with these little succulent plants and hanging planters so I picked up a few of those. They also had some simple 8×10 gold frames on sale for $5 so I grabbed a couple because you can never have too many frames 😉

The hanging planters were $5 EACH! I can’t even believe it. They are so stinkin’ CUTE! And the little succulents were only $3 each! Love!

The shoe section was up next and I found these ADORABLE light weight sneakers. They were not on sale but I had to have them. They were $24.99 and worth every penny.


Next I hit up the ladies clothing. As cheap as I am, I’m not a huge fan of sifting through the clearance rack. Since Calvin was being really good, I decided to give it a look and was happy that I did. I found some super stretchy skinny pants in a medium grey color. They are high-waisted ((which are my jam)) and soo soo comfy! I also found a cream blouse from the Knox Rose collection. The top wasn’t on sale but it was too cute to pass up. The pants were $8.99 and the top was $22.99.

Last, but not least, I perused the end caps of the office section and found some stuff for my new office at work. The desk organizer set was on clearance for $3.88. The jumbo paperclips were marked down to $.88 and the paper mache animals (which are not for my office, btw) were marked down to $1.78/each.

I had a big mound of stuff in my cart that I handed back to the checkout guy and I’m sure he was THRILLED about it. Does anyone else do that?!

All in all, I feel like it was a pretty successful and not overly expensive shopping trip! Here are some links to my purchases, just incase you need it as much as I did 😉

Knox Rose top– $22.99

Mossimo High Rise Jegging– $29.99–Sorry! These aren’t on sale:(

Mossimo Aztec Sneakers– $24.99

Happy Shopping! 


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