Life Update–We’re on the Move!


‘Why are you selling your house?!’ ‘Didn’t you just move there?!’

These are the questions that we have been getting ever since we decided to list our house. So, I figured I would take a minute to answer these questions for all you nosey people out there;)

Let’s start from the home-buying beginning…

When Matt and I started the search for our first home back in 2012, our budget was $150,000. We were told over and over again that we would never find a home in that price range in Williamson county with the square footage that we needed. Well, to everyones surprise I found a house that was listed for $160,000 and offered $149,900, they accepted, and we went under contract….ALL WITHOUT COMMUNICATION WITH MY HUSBAND because he was in a remote area in AFRICA. He was literally in the middle of no where and I just prayed he would love the house!! Thankfully he did. 😉 We fell in love with that home and neighborhood during the time that we lived there. BUT, as much as we loved that home…two years ago during a nonchalant conversation about the rising housing market in Spring Hill, we looked at each other and said, ‘We should sell our house’. So, we did! We sold that house and were able to pay off our cars and a whole lot of student loans.

Sadly, student loans have been such a burden to our marriage. We came out of school with a combined debt of around $110,000. That seems to be the norm so we didn’t think much of it. The more that we worked on our budget, and worked on wanting to be able to be savers and generous with our finances, the more we realized how big of a burden those student loans really were. Therefore, selling our house to pay off mounds of student debt was a no-brainer.

Enter, our current home. We are in the same situation. We bought our house back in 2015 and are in a position to sell this house and pay off a whole lot more student loan debt. With what we would be saving on our mortgage payments, childcare(since Calvin will be going to kindergarten next year), and the decrease in student loan payments, we could be DEFT FREE in a year. ONE YEAR. I can’t even.

–Matt left for Greece last Friday and last Saturday I hung a lockbox on our front door, stuck a For Sale sign in the yard, and told people to come and buy our house. On Wednesday we signed a contract on our home and on August 1st, if everything goes as planned, we will close the doors on this chapter of our life. We will become renters of a little ranch out in the country and we will pay the crap out of our remaining student loan debt. The Lord is good and has been so gracious to allow us these opportunities to buy and sell.

So, that’s the low-down on why we are selling our beloved home.

Do you feel well-informed on our life now 😉 Did I satisfy your nosiness?!


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